Freshly made in the UK, with a shelf life of 27 days

Welcome to Simply Doughnuts

Delicious, British Made Doughnuts with an Extended Shelf Life

Simply Doughnuts is the world's leading manufacturer of tasty, fresh, long-life doughnuts. Unlike conventional recipes, which typically stay saleable for only  48 hours, our doughnuts have an unbeatable 27-day shelf life.

For retailers, that means easier stock control and a huge reduction in waste. Displayed at ambient temperatures, our ring and jam-filled doughnuts won't spoil quickly on the shelf. They'll stay fresh and delicious without the need for freezing and thawing, so they save you money on energy, storage and preparation.

For consumers, our doughnuts are every bit as appealing. Available in a range of mouth-watering flavours and sold in convenient packs, they're the perfect on-the-go treat.

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our long-life doughnuts come in a range of shapes and delicious flavours

Long Life Doughnuts

Our products reduce your carbon footprint and food waste

Made in the UK, our doughnuts minimise food and packaging waste as well as all the associated costs of disposal, stock-taking and re-ordering. To stay fresh, they don't require freezing or refrigeration, so they save on energy, and their long shelf lives mean that retailers don't have to request frequent deliveries, so they save on road miles, too. We use locally sourced ingredients wherever possible, and all our packaging is fully recyclable.

Latest News

Championing Covid Response Measures

Championing Covid Response Measures

Posted on: 26 March 2020

Simply Doughnuts is one of a number of British businesses that the government’s Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy has approached, asking us to spread the word about the support that’s available to businesses during the period of the coronavirus pandemic. The following article contains an extract from a formal statement by BEIS. Read More...

Sustainability Improvements

Sustainability Improvements

Posted on: 06 September 2019

A little while ago, we worked with the environmental sustainability specialist, ENWORKS, to examine all aspects of our work, including everything from production operations to office tasks, procurement and logistics. As a result of that work, we made a series of important changes. Read More...

New Product

At Simply Doughnuts, we're always working to improve and extend our range. Our popular 'classics' include sugared mini rings and jam-filled doughnuts, but we've recently enlarged our range with the introduction of three large iced ring doughnuts. These include:

  • White Iced Ring Doughnuts
  • Raspberry Iced Ring Doughnuts
  • Ring Doughnuts with Chocolate Flavoured Icing

Like all our long-life doughnuts, they have a shelf life of at least 27 days - increasing to 30 days in the winter months - and they're sold in handy packs for eating on the go. (2 large rings per pack.)